MCAT CARS Practice Passages

Do your best to obtain the main points from each MCAT CARS practice passage you read, and try to read multiple consecutive MCAT CARS practice passages — simulating 2017 MCAT CARS practice test conditions.

MCAT CARS Practice

I recommend MCAT CARS practice daily for several months to improve but keep in mind that MCAT CARS practice involves critical-thinking as well – not just reading comprehension. The articles found for MCAT CARS Practice reading are adapted from various sources found on the internet. The sources are listed below the article.

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Jack Westin | MCAT CARS Instructor
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  1. I really like this website, but I hope each article has questions like the real exam so that i can practice daily.


  2. What tips would you give to think critically? Like what types of questions should we be asking in order to think critically?


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